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 Bride in Paradise Wedding Floral  
Every bride is beautifully unique. Bride in Paradise Wedding Floral aims to provide the bouquets which are intended to give you a sense of our style merged with the unique taste of your own. We specializes in European and tropical bridal bouquets, wedding ceremony and wedding reception decoration floral displays, and custom floral designs that will help to enhance your wedding and make your special day unforgettable. Our designs typically combine natural materials with beautiful flowers in innovative and exciting ways. We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality flowers and are known for paying careful attention to even the smallest detail.
Pink Rose(Hand Tied) $165    White Rose(Hand Tied) $ 165    White & Purple Dendrobium $135  
Mini Calla Lily, Rose $205    Mini Calla Lily, Cymbidium $210    Red Rose(Hand Tied) $165 
Designer's Special(Tropical) $160    Cymbidium(Hand Tied) $210    Orange Orchid, Rose(Round) $165 
Mini Calla Lily(Hand Tied) $185    Tulip Anthurium (Teardrop)  $160   Mini Calla Lily, Rose(Teardrop) $190 
Rose, Cymbidium(Round) $180    Orchid, Rose(Hand Tied) $190    Dendrobium, Freesia(Hand Tied) $165
White Dendrobium Cascade $95   Dendrobium Rose Cascade $135     Lisianthus, Rose Cascade $225
Pink Rose & White Orchid $155     Tropical Collections $175    White  Cymbidium $180
Pink Lily $185    Passion Rose $165    Red Rose & White Lily $185 
Plumeria  Delight $195   Pink Rose $175    Tropical Festival $195 
Tropical Delight  $205   Cymbidium Cascade $95     Yellow Rose $155 

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