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How to Plan a Hawaii Beach Wedding

Sensually beautiful, Hawaii is destined to be the most desired wedding destination which draws lovers around the globe to begin their new chapter in life and renew their vows. Hawaii has very element you've ever dreamed of for the perfect romantic island wedding - sunny weather year around, stunning ocean view, blue skies, sandy beaches, spectacular sunsets, lush greeneries, colorful rainbows, tropical flowers, balmy blossoms, and seductive settings. In this tropical paradise, there  are numerous ways to celebrate your special day. And there are so many magnificent natural settings await you to be explored. You might feel overwhelmed and clueless. No worries, we are here to do our best and make sure you will have a stress free and the most memorable wedding experience in the paradise of Hawaii. At Bride in Paradise, we  provide everything you need to actualize your Hawaii beach wedding : minister, photographer, wedding bouquets and leis, wedding cake, limousine service, Hair and make up artist, musician, dove and butterfly release... On the mainland united state, an average wedding would cost you $25,000, in Hawaii lots of our wedding packages are less than $1000. And Hawaii beach wedding is the most simple and enjoyable wedding in the world. So let us get started:

1. Choose your island: There are eight major islands which make up the state of Hawaii. However, Kahoolawe is uninhabited and another Niihau is privately owned. So there are six island available to visitors.


Oahu island is the most populated (close to one million) and its home to Hawaii state capital-Honolulu. Oahu is called gathering place, from famous luxuries Waikiki to world-class surfing place-North shore, from lively nightlife in Waikiki to dining scenes of downtown Honolulu. Bride in paradise is  located in Honolulu, services all island. Here are our most popular beach wedding locations on the island of Oahu.



Kauai, the first born, is my favorite island of Hawaii. It is the wettest spot on this planet. Due to its rugged terrains and lush greeneries, Kauai has a nickname the" Garden isle". We have picked Princeville beach as our wedding destination in Kauai. It's a very exclusive beach by Hanalei bay.  Princeville at Hanalei is a world-famous ocean view resort community that offers all magical settings and amenities for you to enjoy and spoil. 


Maui has been voted "best island" for many years. Beach is the major attraction of Maui, as you stroll the seaside town of Lahaina , heavenly beaches of Kaanapali and Haleakala national park, home to Maui's highest peak, you will find yourself dissolved in the magical natural wonders of  Maui. We have chosen Maluaka beach located in south Maui, and Ironwood beach in west Maui as our wedding destinations. Both locations have magnificent sunset view, perfect for a sunset beach wedding.

Big island Hawaii

Big island is the biggest and youngest island of Hawaii, and it's still growing. There are some facts about big island you might want to know before you go there :  1. It is larger than all  the other Hawaiian islands combined and is the largest island in the united states. 2. Big island is the home of Mauna Kea which is the world's tallest sea mountain, taller than Mount Everest, more than 33,000 feet. 3. It is the home of  the world's most active volcanoes-Kilauea. 4. Hawaii is one of the most isolated  and fragile eco system in the world, has a variety of incomparable natural wonders, lots of plant and animal species are only seen here on this island and it has the highest number of endangered and threatened plants and animals on the planet. 5. Hawaiian snow is real. Yes, it does snow in Hawaii, even you might see snow-capped peaks during winter. 6. Have you ever seen black or green sandy beaches with olivine crystals? You will see them here at Big Island of Hawaii. 7. There are total 13 climate zones on this planet and Big Island Hawaii has all of them except the Arctic and Saharan. You can virtually experience 11 climate zones in a single day from rainforests to deserts, snow-capped mountaintops to sunny sandy beaches. Whether you are going for a romantic wedding or a honeymoon, you will  find yourself caught in love with this wandering land of Hawaii. We recommend Hapuna Beach as our wedding destination in Big Island.


Molokai is one of the most undeveloped islands of Hawaii, offers unspoiled coastlines and untamed wilderness. You will not be able to see any buildings taller than a coconut tree. Where you can really enjoy a free way,  there is on traffic on this island. Where the true Hawaiian spirit resides, where you can still feel the mana of Hawaiian traditional hula near Maunaloa which is  said to be the birthplace of Hula. This is a true paradise awaits you to be discovered.


Lanai has  earned "Hawaii's most enticing island" for it's two most distinct sites which are Keahiakawelo- Garden of the Gods and the iconic Puu Pehe - Sweetheart Rock.  For golfer, it's main attractions are two world-class golf course and two four season resorts.

2. Once you choose your island, you can select your favorite location to have your dream wedding on the island. Our  company is located in Honolulu on the island of Oahu.  And we have hand picked the most  beautiful beaches on Oahu for your selection. As each setting has its own beauty and uniqueness, you may also choose any beach location on any of the Hawaiian islands.

Oahu beach wedding locations:

Here are our elections for you : Waialae beach, Lanikai beach, Secret  beach, Papailoa beach, Makapuu beach, Magic island, Waimanalo  bay, Waikiki beach. If you would like to have a sunset beach wedding, we have four suitable locations for your selection: Magic island, Secret beach, Wakiki beach and Papailoa beach.

3. Once you decided your location, you already have chosen your Hawaii beach wedding package. Our wedding package are named after the location of your choosing. And then you can choose your date and time you want to get married. As far as photography is  concerned, there are two time frames you might want to consider: one is from 2:30PM to 4:00PM for blue sky, another is 5:30PM to 7:00PM for sunset view, time might be varied from month to month. As each location has the best time  to express its climatic beauty, your photographer will suggest a proper time frame for you once  you decide the location. Bride in Paradise beach wedding  also offers a wedding photography only package. If you are already married and need your photography redone or re-imaged, or would simply like to have beautiful photography before or after your intended date, we will be more than enthusiastic to make your dream come true. You may visit the page below to see our wedding photography only package:


4. The next step is to book your wedding to secure your date and time, so you will have peace of mind. To book your wedding with us, you may fill out the booking form below. A 20% deposit is required to hold your date and time.


5. When  you arrive in Hawaii, you may obtain your marriage license from the department of health. Obtaining a license and completing your wedding ceremony can be done within the same day. There are no blood tests or U.S. citizenship required. For more details on how to  apply for your marriage license, you may visit the page below:


6. On your wedding date, all you need to do is to  bring your marriage license, two rings and big smile, shown up on your desired location. We will take care the rest and make sure you will have a tress free and most memorable wedding experience in Hawaii. We are photography-oriented wedding company. Life is captured, expressed, told and shared by photography. Our Bride in Paradise exclusive photographers offer timeless photography aimed to create lifelong memories for you and your loved one.


We hope these information above is helpful. If you have any questions or need help of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you.


Billy Lee

Bride In  Paradise wedding planning

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